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Customize your Stud Game companion of vice

As you start the game, you'll have the pleasure of creating the companion of your fantasies. Of course, your mission in the game is to fuck him. A handsome man with an athletic body, wiry or with a few muscles, the choice is yours. Then, customize other dating characters in the game so that all your desires are fulfilled. Are you attracted to husky half-breeds with big dicks, slim guys who aren't too muscular, or men who are quite round? Now's the time to make the most of it, because you'll be able to meet them virtually and realize all your vices with them.

Experience the thrills and spills with your companion in a place that appeals to you most: a brothel, a high school, a mansion, a dungeon or even a nightclub. This choice of setting for your first adventure will get you used to the game's title. Move on to customizing your sex partner. Make sure he has the special skills you're looking for: a deep throat, a huge load or an anal enthusiast. This is the basic list of their experience in bed, but as you progress through the game, other abilities and skills will emerge to your delight.

How to play Stud Game

Stud Game is a bit special as a gay erotic game, since you can play it with virtual reality headsets. You can get your kicks with this entertainment on a variety of PC or mobile devices. Using a mouse, controller or compatible VR headset can make the game even more interesting. What's more, access to the site is entirely free. All you have to do is sign up and you'll be able to enjoy one naughty fuck scene after another with the virile men of your greatest fantasies. Creating your character using the 3D Spencer model, the main player in the game, is a real pleasure. The same goes for the free modeling of your sexual partners. The only condition for entering this world of vices is that you have reached the age of majority. So sign up quickly and enjoy carnal and virtual pleasures.

Stud Game gameplay

The gameplay is easy to understand. No headaches, just ecstasy. You'll be a handsome, well-built and sexy man on a mission to conquer handsome, sex-hungry males. Take them on a torrid, no-holds-barred sexual adventure.

You'll have total control over how you fuck your partners. Your PC mouse will act as your snooping hand. Imagine what you can do with your hand if you spend some naughty time with your lover. It's time to get down to business with this game, and don't miss out on caressing, anal penetration and autoeroticism to heat up the mood.

The long-awaited moment when you use your virtual penis is surprisingly realistic. It's up to you to select the actions you want to perform from a wide choice as you progress. Make good use of your keyboard to time each action. The speed of your penetrations will depend on it. From simple anal sex to the most pleasurable blowjobs, not forgetting more vicious alternatives, there's so much pleasure to be tasted. Tie your partners' hands, spank them, use exciting sex toys to quickly raise the temperature - there are so many intoxicating options!

Play single-player or multiplayer on Stud Game

This virtual sex game lets you choose how you want to play: solo or multiplayer. In single-player mode, you can meet as many people as you like and enjoy hot sex scenes with the guys you seduce. In multiplayer mode, you interact on the platform with other players from all over the world. Here, you'll have to use your seductive talents, as the competition is pretty stiff. You'll be able to spill your manly sperm all over some handsome male avatars after a round of fucks. The more you enjoy the game, the greater the scope for kinky action in this ultra-cozy universe where gay porn is king.

Our opinion on Stud Game gay porn game

Playing Stud Game, the hours just flew by. The game is so complete that, being the great rascals that we are, we were delighted to be able to fuck and satisfy our most perverse desires. The animation on the platform and the graphics delivered blew us away. It was breathtaking to admire every detail of our virile males, with their erect cocks and well-defined muscles.

If you have a crush on a particular guy in real life, make him a model and rock him hard. Creating and customizing all the physical aspects you're looking for was a lot of fun in this virtual world of depravity.

When it comes to sound, expect a lot. Hearing these men moan and emit cries of pleasure of all kinds is just magnificent. You'll be a little confused for a moment, because you'll really believe you're in a real situation. Once you've closed your eyes, there's nothing to stop you cumming in ecstasy in front of these hyper-exciting male avatars.

With its stunningly realistic graphics, adrenaline-pumping soundtrack and inspired gameplay, you can't help but love this gay sex game.

Stud Game

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We're used to seeing porn games for straight people, but you should know that the gay category exists too. If you're a fan, Stud Game will surprise and delight you. With this XXX game, take pleasure and realize your fantasies with handsome males. This up-and-coming title is perfect for those who tire of other classic gay sex games. This game lets you test your seductive skills with those of other gay men, while experiencing ultra-hot scenes. If you're interested, enter this kinky, sexual world.

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