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Uninhibited sex with the girl of your dreams

To the delight of Western fanatics, West Sluts takes you to a place with no laws or moral rules, for hot sex scenes. With beautifully rendered graphics that transport you into the world of the Western, you're in for a spellbinding sexual experience. What's more, if you've got kinky fantasies eating away at you, now's the time to make them come true. There's no such thing as a taboo here, and you can turn these girls into submissives to satisfy your every sexual need. The only limit or requirement is your majority, as you have to be over 18 to play. So show us what you can do with this free sex game!

A 3D sex game for all vices

As previously announced, you'll have sex galore with a panoply of sexy girls at your feet in this game. But first you have to create your ideal girl. Whatever your preference, you'll find the girl of your dreams among those served up to you. Then it's time to personalize! So many options are available to you to perfect your erotic partner. If there's a particular porn actress you've been fantasizing about, now's your chance to fuck her. All you have to do is customize the model to look just like her. Your hotties will be as docile as you can make them.

Once this stage is over, get down to business. Set off on a sexual adventure in the Wild West. You'll take on the role of a real herdsman, battling it out with your opponents and banging the prettiest girls along the way. If some of the girls disobey you and act badly, they deserve a good thrashing. And you'll know how to make sure they remember you, won't you? If they don't, the punishment will be some hardcore sex to keep them quiet in the future.

West Sluts gameplay

The developers have made sure that the game's gameplay is well realized. They've combined the strategy game, the porn and the adventure mode into one. They've put so much effort into the animations and 3D graphics that you'll really feel you're in reality. The girls are so hot you'll want to penetrate them, sodomize them and do all sorts of dirty things with them. From soft to hard sex, you'll have plenty of it.

In this free sex game, you first choose the type of adventure you want to have. You can start with a soft story to build up the excitement gradually. But if you're in a hurry to complete your mission as a sexual explorer, go straight to hard mode. Have a mind of steel though, as the sex scenes will be very brutal and there's no censorship on the actions that take place with this mode.

The characters encountered and the adventures to be had in this game depend on the mode chosen. The same goes for the erotic scenes you'll manage to unlock. Afterwards, select the sexual partner of your fantasies and customize her as you wish. Make sure she can give you maximum pleasure, and vice versa, to make the game even more exciting.

Our opinion on the West Sluts porn game

Being a Red Read Redemption geek, we couldn't resist testing the West Sluts porn game. With its highly realistic graphics, the sensations perceived were marvelous. The evolution of this world of online adult sex games never ceases to amaze us. We were very satisfied with our journey as we were able to customize the girls to be just like our dream partners. Time flew by and we really enjoyed the game's gameplay. If only for the customization, it was a real pleasure!

We thought we were in Red Dead Redemption from the moment we logged on. But as a bonus, and this is what made us explode with pleasure, there are more fuck scenes with West Sluts. With ruthless men who can tumble all over the girls they envy, and in an atmosphere specific to the American West, our carnal pleasure was at its peak.

We really enjoyed playing the kind of cowboy we wanted to be. Yes, it's possible to be a principled, distinguished loner and only fuck chicks you've saved. But it's also possible to be a tough guy, to have no faith or law, to slaughter enemies savagely, to seize and abuse defenseless girls. You too can enter the vicious world of West Sluts and enjoy all those good girls to fuck!

West Sluts

The Wild West for the best porn game of the moment

Game preview

Have you ever played Red Dead Redemption, and are you a fan of Western series like Westworld? If so, and you loved the story of strangers from an amusement park, transformed into humanoid robots in a Western setting, with a mission in mind to satisfy their desires, you're sure to love West Sluts. It's an online porn game and sex simulator for adults, with highly realistic reproductions of beautiful girls to fuck, in which you'll be the sex-hungry cowboy who tames them. You'll experience a thrilling adventure in this virgin territory, juggling erotic scenes from the gentlest to the most brutal. For your pleasure, we'll put you in the shoes of a cowboy who rules the land with both his cock and his colt. These saloon girls are just waiting for you to fuck them without limits with your paraphernalia. Put on your Stetson and enjoy the ultimate porn experience with West Sluts!

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